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Since 1987,as a company specializing in the manufacturer of Porous-Plastic in China, RAINBOW is supplying basic materials for a variety of industries, especially in relation to Cleaning water,health ,Chemical industry, Pharmaceutical&food industry,Electronics industry,Pneumatic and any other concening field.The company has long accumulated its know-hows in such fields as filtration, silencer, venting, fludizing, diffusers and wicking. In 2003,we succeed in passing ISO13485 quality system.. 

What we do? - Professional Services
- Eco-sustainability
- Openness and compliance
- Industry-leading innovation
- User-centric approach
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Address: No.999, Xiangcheng Da Road,Changle Village,Gaoqiao Town,Ningbo,china 
Tel: 0086-574-87839976 
Cell phone:0086-13732188872 

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